Bands & Projects


Tim Dawn

Up and coming indie singer-songwriter in the style of James Bay and Hozier. Two time NPO Radio2 “Top Song” with both Walking on a wire and Bite The Bullet.

EP “I’LL HOLD ON” release on october 4th, 2019 on which I played electric and acoustic guitars.


Barnyard Tea

Recurring guest musician for their XL format on mandolin, acoustic guitar and harmony vocals

"Barnyard Tea brings you rowdy, stomping bluegrass. They combine style, class and a whiff of rock'n roll in their approach of American Traditionals."



Recurring guest musician for some of their bigger shows like the annual CONCERT AT SEA and ZIGGO DOME & Ahoy


Professor Nomad goes Undercover

Bassplayer, singer, producer and all-round rock'n roller Bartel Bartels (a.k.a. Prof. Nomad) does all kinds of tribute sessions with different artists and musicians on festivals like Oerol, Zwarte Cross, Aprilfeesten and Rollende Keukens. 

Tribute sessions's I've done: 

- David Bowie


- Coldplay

- Amy Winehouse


Previous bands & Projects:


Sen Dubaj (2016-2018)

Exciting new band with songs in the style of Massive Attack, The War On Drugs and Tame Impala.  
"Songwriter Paulina Dubaj finally chose to disregard her hermit like state and start gigging with space master Len van de Laak."


Yori Swart (2010-2014, 2019)

After meeting Yori at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music I joined her band in 2010. In 2011 we won the Amsterdamse Popprijs, SENA Pop-NL Awards and Grote Prijs van Nederland. I recorded guitars and vocals for her self-titled debut album "Yori Swart" (2012) and EP "Weigh In, Weigh Out" (2013).

In 2019 we reunited for her show at TivoliVredenburg


Niels Geusebroek (2013-2016, 2018-2019)

After two clubtours and festivals (like CONCERT AT SEA, Indian Summer Festival) to support his first album "Lines" (2013) I recorded guitars for his second solo album "Wildfire" (2016). Check out the distinctive dobro guitar hook on the song Leave A Little Love Behind.

In 2018 we reunited for a sold-out clubtour with Throwback to - Niels Geusebroek sings Coldplay


Lorrainville (2014)

"Early 2011, Facebook was flooded with people who used the online-game ‘Make your own album cover’ – also known as: ‘Wikipedia names your band’, where people clicked on a random quote, photo, and Wikipedia page – to create their own album cover, and posted them on their wall.  Few got as many reactions as the album cover of producer Guido Aalbers.

For a non-existent band and the non-existent album ‘You May Never Know What Happiness Is’, in the space of a couple of hours dozens of befriended musicians and other creative minds signed up to actually make the album a reality. After reaction number forty, Aalbers decided to take the plunge, and ‘Lorrainville’ was born. "

In 2014 I joined this band (featuring Peter Slager (BLØF), Erik Neimeijer (Bøkkers) and Anneke van Giersbergen) for their recording of the second album "Desire The Reckless" and the live shows. 

Check out the "Media" section for the ‘Making Of’ video.


Fabiana Dammers (2007-2009)

Intense and heart-wrenching songs in the style of Damien Rice, Bright Eyes and Bob Dylan. This is where I learned to sing three-part vocal harmonies. We played together for nearly three years and won the Grote Prijs van Nederland in 2008. The songs Blinded and Make Me Whole on her debut album "The Girl You Love" (2012) feature my guitars.


Handsome Poets (2013-2016)

Energetic pop/rock band with 80s influences. With this band I learned the importance of stage moves and how to still be heard next to full-frequency synthesiser sounds. I also did my first big shows like Vrienden Van Amstel Live and 538Koningsdag.


Christiaan Hof (2009-2012)

My first professional band as a session player. This is where I met my friend and fellow guitar player Angelo de Rijke. For Chris' second album I co-wrote and played guitars on the single Kom maar bij me (2012).


DOTAN (2010-2013)

We played several clubsshows and festivals, supporting his first album "Dream Parade" (2011). I played guitars on the hits "Fall" and "Hungry" from his second album "7 Layers" (2014).